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Talaiya Safdar, Esq.

Talaiya Safdar has focused her career on providing alternative dispute resolution through mediation and collaborative law in the area of matrimonial law and providing those same clients with support through the complimenting practice of Trusts & Estates. She joins Kommer, Bave & Ciccone, LLP with extensive experience in divorce, prenuptial, postnuptial and other matrimonial agreements mediations from dealing with highly emotionally charged divorces with complex financial asset pools to amicable prenuptial agreement mediations. Ms. Safdar always puts the goals of her clients first and finds the best way for all parties to feel heard and validated as they move towards a tailored global settlement that works best for them. At Kommer, Bave & Ciccone, LLP, Ms. Safdar will hone her developed negotiation skills to serve clients in mediation and in the court room.

Ms. Safdar earned her Bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College in 1996 and subsequently obtained her Juris Doctor from George Washington University School of Law in 2000. She has been certified in mediation since 2011 from the New York Peace Institute and is a member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, New York State Bar Association, Family Law Section and Alternate Dispute Resolution Section. Ms. Safdar has served as judge twice at the annual mediation competition in SUNY Buffalo law school and has a personal interest in spreading mediator skills to the newer generation of emerging lawyers. In her spare time, Ms. Safdar is a writer and has written two books and over a dozen screenplays.

Talaiya Safdar, Esq